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Comprehensive Financial Planning by MoneyGuidePro paired with Proactive Portfolio Monitoring and Client Reporting by Blueleaf

MoneyGuidePro and Blueleaf


MoneyGuidePro Financial Planning Software has been selected seven years in a row by the Financial Planning Magazine Technology Survey as the most used financial planning software by RIAs. Its popularity is driven by MoneyGuidePro’s unique ability to make sophisticated, goal-based planning fast and easy.

MoneyGuidePro believes that every investor needs and deserves a high quality financial plan and that every Advisor should have the means to provide it. Because MGP is smart, easy-to-use and adaptable, each Advisor can provide a personalized planning experience for each client. MGP includes retirement and college planning, asset allocation, insurance needs analysis and estate planning.


Blueleaf brings:

  • industry leading data quality with over 21,000 institutions available
  • a simplified experience for both you and your clients
  • amazing service so you don’t have to become the Geek Squad for your clients.

Blueleaf is also a powerful growth tool that helps advisors close up to 100% of prospects. Advisors using Blueleaf as their first step with clients have doubled their AUM. Find out how our most successful financial advisor clients are growing their businesses with Blueleaf by reading with this blog post.

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Integrated to Make Your Life Easier

Together, MoneyGuidePro and Blueleaf make a powerful team. This short video explains how Blueleaf integrates with MoneyGuidePro.

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Want to find out more about Blueleaf? Find out how our portfolio management software can simplify your clients’ finances as well as help you win new prospects and simplify your business. It’s easy to start a free trial to see Blueleaf in action with your own clients.

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