The Blueleaf Team

John Prendergast, Director and Chief Executive Officer – Blueleaf

John is an experienced senior executive who’s led product management, marketing, and finance teams. His background in banking and personal financial planning has shaped the vision for Blueleaf.


Avram Dorfman, Lead Engineer

Avram is an experienced engineer who began his career as an Air Force officer. He served as Chief of Operations for the Pentagon Internet during the formative years of the public Internet, and built many of their tools. He also spent 4 years as network engineer and tools developer at Bloomberg, and holds a Masters in Computer Science from Tufts.


Kevin Flynn, Head Coach

Kevin has been working in sales and marketing for nearly thirty years. His accomplishments include successful non-profit ventures, development of sales processes for start up firms and entrepreneurial projects, and numerous published articles on topics about internet marketing and content development.


Justin Shepard, Customer Success

Justin has a unique background in financial services with experience as a financial advisor and working with sell side asset management firms. Before coming to Blueleaf, Justin worked with a data provider helping advisors and asset management firms aggregate account information.


Carolyn McRae, Marketing Manager

Carolyn is experienced in web analytics and content marketing. She first began her career in technology marketing during college when she founded her first internet company. Today she oversees content generation & marketing, partner relations and special projects at Blueleaf.

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