The Blueleaf Team

  • Billy Catherall

    Vice President, Engineering

    Billy is an IT leader with more than 20 years experience managing and running engineering teams. He has worked in various industries including Education, Finance, Recycling, and Technology. With Blueleaf he oversees the technology direction, development, and infrastructure.

  • Rebecca MacKenzie

    Vice President, Product Management

    Rebecca is a product leader with over a decade of experience in the market research industry, leading both product management and product innovation functions. Rebecca loves the blend of art and science required in product development as well as bringing users’ needs to the forefront of the development process.

  • Tim Minert

    Executive Vice President, Business Development

    A 30-year Fintech Executive helping Firms & Financial Advisors implement and adopt technology in the Investment Industry. Skilled in Team Building, Prospecting, Sales Management, Process Improvement, Client Management, Marketing, and more.

  • John Prendergast

    Founder and CEO

    John is the co-founder and CEO of Blueleaf and is an active startup advisor. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive. As part of 6 founding teams, he has led the product management, marketing, and finance functions. His background in banking and wealth management has shaped the vision for Blueleaf.

  • Justin Shepard

    Director, Customer Support and Success

    Justin has a unique background in financial services with experience as a financial advisor and working with sell side asset management firms. Before coming to Blueleaf, Justin worked with a data provider helping advisors and asset management firms aggregate account information.

  • Tony Wesley


    Tony started his work life as a CPA at an international firm. He has led the financial function at a number of private-equity supported companies — ranging from vintage perfumes to flexible packaging. He supports the team at Blueleaf with strategic analysis and financial discipline.

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