Aggregation-as-a-Service for Holistic Wealth Management*

Multiple aggregation sources for every account and direct client support from Blueleaf. More connections, better data, we do the work. Aggregation finally delivers its promise.

See it in action!

*Included in standard Reporting & Client Experience subscriptions

Aggregation without the aggravation

Blueleaf employs multiple aggregators for better institution coverage, along with a user experience that takes the guesswork out of adding and maintaining held-away connections.

Multiple aggregators for every account

More data sources means broader institution coverage for your clients. Access to every aggregator in the Blueleaf system comes standard. No need to choose between providers or pay extra.

Easily manage held-away connections

Blueleaf’s user interface design enables at-a-glance comprehension of connected accounts and corresponding connection statuses. Clients can feel confident sharing their held-away account information in our secure environment.

Client-focused, guided UX

Blueleaf encourages clients to held-away accounts using the data provider best suited to their account type–in a way that’s easy for clients to understand. And when connections become interrupted, our user experience provides clients with a clear explanation of the issue and step-by-step options to reconnect.

Multiple data sources equals easier to fix connections

In some instances, a data provider’s successful connection rate may deteriorate for a given institution. When this occurs, Blueleaf’s aggregation system guides clients to reconnect using an alternative option, maintaining your view into their entire financial picture.

Direct Support for Every Client

Supporting aggregation is an expert’s job, so let our experts handle it for you and your clients. We’ll make sure clients are cared for like you would.

Dedicated Experts

Our team has been supporting aggregation for over a decade. We deeply understand the technical issues and the quirks of working with aggregation sources like Plaid, Yodlee and many others.

Average Response Time < 10 min

Our electronic first support approach allows us to respond to and resolve issues more quickly than any other team in the business. And most cases are resolved on the first contact.

Average Client Satisfaction > 90%

We measure advisor and client satisfaction on every interaction. It allows us to continuously learn and improve our support experience. Once you experience it, we think you’ll agree, there is no better support anywhere.

Included with Blueleaf FREE with your subscription

Blueleaf is incredibly easy for clients to use and access all of their financial information. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients who have tried it

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