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Make your clients say, “wow!”

A powerful client app with a personal touch.

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What comes with My Advisor by Blueleaf?

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

    Beautifully designed graphs and tables help clients see their full financial picture and answer their top questions.

  • Branded for your firm

    Extend your brand beyond your office doors with options like adding your logo, photo, and preferred color scheme.

  • Cost-effective

    Mobile by Blueleaf comes free with your Blueleaf subscription, giving you access to a modern and easy-to-use app at no additional charge.

  • Enhanced client service

    Make it easy for clients to view balances, see performance details, and communicate with you. Simple for them means higher retention for you

  • Reinforce your value

    Now your firm can go anywhere your clients go, ensuring your value always stays at their fingertips.

  • Easy implementation

    While you focus on what you do best, we’ll focus on making sure your app is customized and up-and-running quickly.

  • In-app scheduling

    Provide clients with a convenient way to schedule time with you while avoiding the back-and-forth emails.

  • Modern client messaging

    Stay in touch with your clients with automated push notifications and customized messaging.

  • coming soon!
    Available standalone

    Beautifully designed graphs and tables help clients see their full financial picture and answer their top questions.

Unique support a mobile app needs

Supporting a mobile app has unique considerations and our experts are ready to make the process effortless for you and your clients.

Branding and setup

From getting your logo and color choices setup to dialing in your client communication options our support team will set you up to succeed.

Onboarding Clients

Our onboarding team will help you and your clients navigate the app stores and set up your mobile accounts via specialized email templates and client materials to get your clients using your app in no time.

Ongoing technical support for clients

As clients change devices the mobile landscape itself evolves our team will be right there to answer your clients questions and sort out any challenges.

Included with Blueleaf FREE

Make client experience your firm’s differentiator

My Advisor by Blueleaf is a simple, client app – branded to your business – that wraps our advanced client portal technology in an easy-to-use mobile-friendly way, without costing a small fortune or weeks of implementation.

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