We do the grunt work,
you do the fun part.

Data infrastructure, workflow and secure forms, 3rd party connectivity, data integrity and cleaning, account maintenance; done, done, done and done. Your application, well, that’s up to you. All you have to do is unleash your creativity.

The data you need,
when you need it.

  • Account balances and holdings.
  • Transactions.
  • All householded.
  • Multiple accounts with multiple institutions? No problem.

Security and service you can trust.

Blueleaf’s top-grade security and infrastructure has won the confidence of financial advisory firms overseeing billions of dollars in investments.

And with a customer service team expert in account access issues, we’re ready to support you and your users with any challenges that come your way.

By developers, for developers.

Our team faced down the cumbersome financial institutions and their outdated data services, and decided that no one else should ever have to do the same.

So we’re on a mission: we’ll give you an API that’s a pleasure to use and ready to scale when you are. Your mission is to build something great.

Access to this kind of data, hassle-free, is unheard of. The Blueleaf API allows small (or large) development shops to simply build amazing applications instead of having to spend tons of time, energy, and frustration on collecting, storing and maintaing financial data. Let’s see what you can make!

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