Blueleaf’s ecosystem delivers complete, flexible solutions that work together seamlessly.

Blueleaf delivers complete data, automatically updated across your entire system. Custodial data, held-away, offline assets, it’s all there from one source. Blueleaf is the hub of world-class technology infrastructure for wealth management firms of any size. Combine different partners to deliver exactly the solution you need for your firm without the sacrifice in cost, quality and power of ‘one size fits all’ systems.

    Analytics / Reporting

  • AdvisoryWorld


    SCANalytics Hypothetical Illustration, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Modeling Tool with complete reporting becomes a powerful automated tool with Blueleaf.

  • Everysk


    Everysk Dashboards provides simple to use templates to diagnose and stress test your client’s accounts, securely share dynamic reports, and memorialize all communications.

  • HiddenLevers


    Powerful next generation risk management with sophisticated economic and market scenario analysis.

  • Kwanti


    Portfolio Lab’s asset allocation analysis, model backtest, optimization, performance reports and proposal generation are automated via BlueLeaf’s complete client account data feed.

  • Riskalyze


    Riskalyze invented the Risk Number powering the world’s first Risk Alignment Platform, and now offers Autopilot, a digital advice platform, and the Compliance Cloud.

  • CRM

  • Grendel

    Grendel Online

    Grendel is a fully integrated web-based practice management system now powered by Blueleaf’s comprehensive data for seamless CRM experience.

  • wealthbox


    Wealthbox is collaborative CRM for the modern advisor. Elegantly designed and outrageously simple to use.

  • XLR8


    XLR8 customizes Salesforce for advisors. A robust overlay, XLR8 helps you improve every aspect of your Salesforce CRM experience.

  • Pareto

    Pareto Platform

    Pareto Platform is cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM software customized exclusively for financial advisors, investment advisors and financial planners.

  • EvenFin


    Everfin helps financial professionals go digital with CRM, secure and compliant email offerings, data migrations and / or aggregation and other services, all customized to meet the specific needs of each advisory firm.

  • redtail


    Web-based CRM designed specifically for financial professionals that delivers complete client relationship management automatically updated with Blueleaf’s complete account data.

  • Financial Planning

  • Advizr


    Advizr is a sophisticated, easy to use and intuitive Financial Planning Software that allows Financial Advisors to create easy to follow financial plans ensuring client satisfaction.

  • instream


    inStream provides an innovative wealth management platform delivers significant efficiencies to your business, dramatically increases the quality of your client relationships, and enhances the breadth, relevancy, and frequency of your advice.

  • MoneyGuidePro


    MoneyGuidePro is a web-based, goal-focused financial planning software with detailed retirement cash-flow analysis and client engagement tools automatically updated with Blueleaf.

  • Right Capital


    RightCapital simplifies financial planning with an elegant, modern look and feel, interactive, easy to use tools, and a rigorous and robust calculation engine that generates accurate results quickly.

  • Rebalancing

  • RedBlack


    Rebalance Express will automate your portfolio management allowing you to focus on the rest of your business.

  • XLR8


    Online or installed on your desktop, TradeWarrior provides powerful rebalancing software that supports all major custodians.

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