Partner — AdvisoryWorld

Portfolio & Security Analysis with Automated Data Feeds by Blueleaf


AdvisoryWorld provides portfolio analytics, investment planning and proposal generation capabilities to investment advisors.

– Assess risk characteristics of clients and prospects’ existing portfolios

– Diversification (e.g. asset allocation, style analysis and, overlap analysis)

– Performance (e.g. trailing returns, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, Alpha, Beta and other MPT Stats)

– Build Model Portfolios using the Efficient Frontier and Investment Screening capabilities within the application.

– Generate Proposals which compare current portfolios vs. proposed allocations and which demonstrate the benefits of moving from one to another.

By using AdvisoryWorld’s applications and reports, advisors can attract and retain more assets. Advisors can position themselves as better risk managers and instill confidence with their ability to understand particular risk and goal concerns.

AdvisoryWorld apps are very fast, are integrated with Blueleaf, offer a lot more report customization (e.g. changing logos and branding, modifying asset classification tables and adding user defined assets) and are less than half the cost of competitive offerings such as Morningstar’s Advisor Workstation or Principia.

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