Sophisticated automation for wealth management firms.
Simplify your practice. Win more clients.


Get clear, customizable insights into the business you run and the clients you serve.

  • Investment Reporting

    Reporting for managed, held-away, offline assets and alternatives via print, web, email and text message.

  • Business Reporting

    Apply Blueleaf’s business intelligence and analytics to benchmark and improve your practice or larger firm.

  • Account Aggregation

    Take the aggravation out of aggregation with automated connectivity to custodial and held-away accounts.

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  • Billing

    Save countless hours by automating and simplifying the way you bill and deliver invoices to your clients.


Expand your impact and reach by providing seamless, personalized service that delights and empowers your clients.

  • Client Portal

    Take the client experience beyond static documents with an interactive platform that’s collaborative, active and insightful.

  • Branded Communication

    Keep your value top of mind with regularly delivered custom branded client communications.

  • Monitoring & Alerting

    Establish an early warning system for your book of business, so you can get notified of important information automatically.

  • Client Support

    Rest assured that any problems a client runs into in Blueleaf will be handled quickly by our expert support team.


Save time and gain efficiencies with automated delivery, billing and account maintenance that puts you back in the driver’s seat.

  • Batch Reporting & Delivery

    Quickly schedule and automatically deliver custom-branded reports electronically with the click of a single button.

  • Invoice Delivery

    Forget about manually emailing documents and deliver invoices to all your clients with a single click.

  • Client Updates

    Show your value and stay in front of clients in all market conditions with automated updates, customized to match your brand.

  • Data Flows

    Say goodbye to downloading and uploading information between platforms with Blueleaf’s automated data feeds to over 11,000 institutions.

Serve your clients through their entire lifecycle

From prospect to long-term client, Blueleaf helps you grow and maintain the deep relationships your business relies on.


Capture prospective clients’ financial picture and goals and give them a clear look at the value you can bring.


Engage regularly with custom branded updates that keep your value top of mind.


Guide new clients through the setup process with automated and intelligent workflows.


Rest assured that any problems a client runs into in Blueleaf will be handled quickly and dutifully by the team best positioned to fix ‘em — ours.

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