The Blueleaf Story

“Our vision is to make the best financial advisors available to everyone. We work with the very best financial advisors to help them to make it profitable to deliver exceptional service to a radically broader audience. Clients win by getting better service, advisors win by growing their business”

— John Prendergast, CEO

Your purpose is our starting point.

You want to help people, grow your business, and live your life. And that is a tall order. You’re already working hard to help people. Maybe you even feel a little stretched. Clients’ financial lives and their service expectations are growing. Your business is getting more complex with more regulation, more financial products, and more services to deliver. And margins are under pressure. Helping people is getting harder. Helping more people and living your life, well …

The crisis.

We founded Blueleaf in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, when the volatility of the markets collided with the complexity of the business, and we saw how the old ways of running a practice, and the technology meant to help, simply failed.

With the growing challenges in the business, the pressure rises every day. It’s growing at the speed of finance and technology, shifting along with regulation and compliance requirements. As margins in the industry come down, we are faced with what seem like impossible choices: Drop the smaller clients that got us started and go after big fish? Or try to serve too many, and sacrifice our quality of life?

Augmenting … you

You know what you need to do to run your business. But you need leverage. Technology has to be a force multiplier—to let you be where you can’t be and do what you don’t have time to do. To do that, your technology must proactively help you do what you do best: make connections, build relationships, and improve the lives of each of your clients. Your technology can’t just be an extension of you like a simple hammer, it has to augment you, like a superhero’s suit.

You simplify your clients’ lives. We simplify yours.

Blueleaf helps you keep the clients that got you started and add bigger ones—or lots more— while serving each one better, with less work. That’s our mission. And that’s why we designed Blueleaf by thinking deeply about the way you work. At each point in your journey, we ask: Can technology do that?

There is plenty of advisor software out there. But many advisors find they’re working for their software more than it’s working for them. Sure, your reporting software creates a report. But can you customize, schedule, and deliver it automatically? Can you easily integrate your own brand into it, so that each client is constantly reminded of the value you’re creating? And, most importantly, is it giving time back to you or taking it away?

Blueleaf enables what’s next.

The goal is not to add more. It’s to challenge the way that things have always been done so that you can accomplish far more while doing less. Better for you, better for your clients, better for your business.