The Blueleaf Story

“Our vision is to make the best financial advisors available to everyone. We work with the very best financial advisors to help them to make it profitable to deliver exceptional service to a radically broader audience. Clients win by getting better service, advisors win by growing their business”

– John Prendergast, CEO

Changing an Industry

Wealth management is experiencing enormous pressure from technology developments at home and in other industries. Yet, many advisors are struggling to evolve. Technology is too expensive and too complex for many to keep up with clients expectations. But keep up, they must.

Scalability creates access and profits

Financial fees are already too high. Yup, we said it and lots of clients are saying it. Slowly but surely that is lowering fees. So, if we want to make it profitable to serve a broader audience we have to make it less expensive to acquire and service clients. It needs to be radically less expensive. We also think that service levels will actually need to increase despite serving more clients per advisor.

Empower Clients, Simplify Advisors Lives

We believe (and lots of data shows) that clients are happier when they can get what they want when they want it. They are also more profitable.

It’s a tall order

Not everyone or every company wants this to happen. Many large financial institutions depend on locking in advisors and their clients by holding data hostage. There are also lots of software companies that depend on the current order to charge advisors obscenely high prices. To succeed we’ll need to find enough exceptional financial advisors who are also sick of the status quo. Let the stone throwing begin. We can take it.

We’re a small, focused company

We were founded in 2009 and we care deeply about simplicity, transparency and doing the right thing. We decide what we do based on facts and data and thrive on learning. It’s also important that things get done, now.

We’ll win by giving you less

We give you less? Yes, less. Fewer features, less for you to do, fewer choices to make. The essence of expensive complexity is more. The key to scalability is simplicity. It’s a trade off. If we’re right, you’ll value being finished over most features. You’ll value actual client happiness over fine control. The only thing we’re trying to give you more of is DONE.

Less than 5 Minutes to set-up Blueleaf Advisor

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