All-in-One Client Portal for Advisors

Everything in one place. Everything in one place. Clients see ALL their accounts in one place & so can you with an easy to use, headache free client portal. Web­based, live reporting access via your branded portal – Including balances, performance, allocation, detailed holdings information and weekly push updates as well as secure data sharing & collaboration technology.

Beautifully Simple Portal for Clients

Your clients will be able to track and understand all their assets in one place – With You! This simple and informative platform allows your clients to see their balances, performance, allocation and holdings information any time. They can even add and manage accounts on their own freeing you up to advise not report.

Your Brand

When clients sign in to Blueleaf, they see you and your business, just like it should be. We’ll even give you a custom web address ( making it easy to link to from your site and simple for clients to remember.

Center of Influence: Secure Sharing

Our secure sharing technology puts you at the center of the clients financial team. By allowing a client, or you with their permission, to share selected financial information through your branded portal, you become the SHARING IMAGE center of influence with family members, attorneys and accountants.

Branded Client Updates

”Wow!”, “Oh, cool, thx.” When was the last time you heard that from a client? Blueleaf advisors hear it all the time. The reason: Our branded weekly update to clients. 86% of clients on Blueleaf regularly read their weekly update and rave about the clarity and simplicity. Advisors are cheering too because their clients are happier and they’re fielding “far fewer” calls from confused or concerned clients and getting more “thanks you’s”.

Blueleaf Reports

Simplified Performance Reporting

Online reports or printed. Either way, eliminate the headache and costs of typical quarterly reports. Or even eliminate traditional quarterly reporting all together. Gone is the need to spend days every quarter to deliver an incomprehensible 40-page report that your clients won’t read. Instead, give clients information that’s always ready, on demand, and doesn’t require you or your staff to “run a report” What could your firm do with the extra time and budget you’ll reclaim with the simplest performance reporting in the industry?

Blueleaf Reports

Painless Account Aggregation

ALL your data – One Source – All your custodial data together with access to over 11,000 institutions for held-away accounts. With multiple direct custodial feeds and built in account aggregation from ByAllAccounts® and Yodlee® we take the aggravation out of aggregation. There is never a need for you to deal with account credentials. We manage all your connections, fix connection challenges and make things go the way they should. That means no hassles. You get data from every client account, no matter where they are held

Data That Flows Where You Want

Blueleaf Dataflow

Simplify dealing with your data with world class data infrastructure. Our rapidly growing partner network, simple data management and open access saves time and money for any size organization. With the simplest, most complete data access in the business and our partner network you’re ready to connect to your applications easily whether they’re off the shelf or custom. The data on Blueleaf belongs to you and your clients. We believe you should have access to all of it anytime you want and it should be simple to do.

Simple Billing Calculations

Billing should be simple. Give us your billing rules, we give you a flexible file that makes the billing calculation and the data it’s based on obvious and easy to adjust or audit. You can’t beat spreadsheets for simple and flexible. Blueleaf adds automation to this familiar interface to deliver the simplest billing calculation system available.

Proactive Portfolio Monitoring

Whether there is money on the move, or allocations adrift you need to know what is happening with your clients. Blueleaf automatically monitors ALL your clients accounts for things you need to know allowing you to manage money that is held away almost as well as custodial assets.

Less than 5 Minutes to get started with Blueleaf Advisor

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