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How to Place Your Badge

We made three different sized Blueleaf Advisor Member Badges because every Web site’s design is a bit different and we want to make sure you have options that allow you to integrate this badge in nicely with your Web sites layout. Consider the three available sizes and choose the one that’s most appropriate for your site.

  • Step 1: Choose one badge from the three separate sizes above.
  • Step 2: Select all the code found in the text area below the your chosen badge and copy it (right click, select “Copy”).
  • Step 3: Past this code in the appropriate area in your sites HTML (knowledge of HTML required).

We will qualify your discount by checking to see if requests for your selected image are coming from your domain. Your discount will be applied accordingly.

Thanks for being a part of Blueleaf Advisor and spreading the word about our service. It is certainly much appreciated!