Live Financial Data in Google Spreadsheet [How To]




– basic understanding of how spreadsheets work
– a Google account, or willingness to create one
– a Blueleaf account (optional)


1.) Go to and ‘Create’ a new spreadsheet

2.) Pull in LIVE market data
-Use the GoogleFinance() functions to reference live market data.

Jim demonstrated these:

See list of RESOURCES (below) for more help.

3.) Pull in LIVE client data (optional)

— Not signed up for Blueleaf? Learn about the Blueleaf software and the API for open access to your data –

i. Implement the Blueleaf integration with Google Spreadsheets. Jim has enabled this using a ‘Google Script’. You can get his ‘Script’ code here:

ii. Create a “PARM” or “BlueleafData” tab to reference your Blueleaf advisor API token, an individual client’s Blueleaf ID#, and create a bank of their portfolio data. This will help you easily reference client portfolio data within the spreadsheet.

Jim demonstrated these:
=GetShareCountFromBlueleaf(<client id>,<account name>,”VBR”,<api token>)
=HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(“https://<your site domain name>”,<client id>)),”Click here!”)

4.) Format, design and share the info!

Resources: – GoogleFinance() Function Description and Available Attributes – Google Spreadsheet Complete Function List – Google Script Snippet for Blueleaf Integration – What’s the Blueleaf API? – Where can I find my Blueleaf API key? – Free 30-Day Trial of – Contact Blueleaf

Others: – Blueleaf API Documentation – Google Apps Script Tutorials