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Pricing per client household delivers more value than account-based or AUM models

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Reporting & Client Experience

Rebalancing & Trading

Billing & Invoicing

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Reporting & Client Experience

Amazing reporting experience for you and your clients

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  • Client portal, mobile app & push reports
  • Multi-source aggregation
  • Premium direct client support
  • Paper/.pdf reporting with automation
  • Advisor interactive client reporting
  • Advisor mobile app
  • Practice management system
  • Share data with your other apps via API
Rebalancing & Trading

Powerful, streamlined rebalancing across custodians

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Available as an add-on to Reporting


  • Rebalance at account or household level
  • Alerts & automated drift monitoring
  • Customize restrictions & equivalences
  • Manage cash & maintain your models
  • Trade across multiple custodians easily

Available stand-alone from $295/month

Billing & Invoicing

Effortless, automated billing & invoice delivery

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Available as an add-on to Reporting


  • Automated billing & invoice delivery
  • Bill on held-away assets
  • Single billing interface for all custodians
  • Customizable branded invoices
  • Manage complex multi-advisor payouts
  • Automated billing alerts


* Annual prices are shown as monthly equivalent (annual $/12) to aid in comparison and are paid annually in advance. Additional discounts apply when purchasing the complete platform. Further discounts are available based on a variety of factors including certain partners and contract terms.

Looking for Enterprise Scale?

Blueleaf for Multi-office & Enterprise Firms

Available enterprise-grade integrations, advanced permissions, customized support and additional configuration flexibility

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500+ Client Households

Frequently asked questions:

  • Per household pricing is a better value

    • 1 or 10 accounts = same price – no nickel and diming you
    • Supports holistic wealth management
    • No cost for doing the right thing.
    • You define a household
  • You control which households you include

    • You control which households you include
    • No ADV checks
    • You’re in charge
  • Contracting & Payment

    • Contracts as short as 1 year
    • Pay monthly or annually (at a discount of course)
  • Included

    • Retail and most institutional aggregation
    • Support for you AND clients
    • White glove onboarding and training
  • Buy only what you need

    • If you just need Reporting, you can buy just that
    • Add Billing and/or Rebalancing optionally
  • Onboarding is simple

    • Once data is flowing a single advisor can be up in 1 hour
    • An enterprise can be on its feet in a week or two
    • We go at your pace
  • Discounts are available based on:

    • Payment terms
    • Contract length
    • Volume
    • Partners

    Ask us about your situation

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