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Pricing per client household delivers more value than account-based or AUM models

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Billing & Invoicing

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Reporting & Client Experience

Amazing reporting experience for you and your clients

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  • Client portal, mobile app & push reports
  • Multi-source aggregation
  • Premium direct client support
  • Paper/.pdf reporting with automation
  • Advisor interactive client reporting
  • Advisor mobile app
  • Practice management system
  • Share data with your other apps via API
Rebalancing & Trading

Powerful, streamlined rebalancing across custodians

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Available as an add on to Reporting


  • Rebalance at account or household level
  • Alerts & automated drift monitoring
  • Customize restrictions & equivalences
  • Manage cash & maintain your models
  • Trade across multiple custodians easily

Available stand-alone from $295/month

Billing & Invoicing

Effortless, automated billing & invoice delivery

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equivalent *
Available as an add on to Reporting


  • Automated billing & invoice delivery
  • Bill on held-away assets
  • Single billing interface for all custodians
  • Customizable branded invoices
  • Manage complex multi-advisor payouts
  • Automated billing alerts


* Annual prices are shown as monthly equivalent (annual $/12) to aid in comparison and are paid annually in advance. Additional discounts apply when purchasing the complete platform. Further discounts are available based on a variety of factors including certain partners and contract terms.

Looking for Enterprise Scale?

Blueleaf for Multi-office & Enterprise Firms

Available enterprise-grade integrations, advanced permissions, customized support and additional configuration flexibility

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500+ Client Households

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are there additional discounts available?

    Yes. We have a number of discounts available based on things like your contract term, payment frequency and based on agreements with a number of partners and custodians.

  • Do I need to sign a multi-year contract?

    No. Our contracts are as short as 1 year. And if you choose to sign a multi-year contract there are discounts available.

  • Do I need to pay annually?

    No. We offer monthly as well as discounted annual plans so you can make the commitment that’s right for your business. You pay upfront for your subscription period and there is no cancellation during that period. If you elect not to renew, you and your clients will have access until your subscription expires.

  • It took forever to set up and get my current reporting system working. How long does it take to get Blueleaf working?

    For a solo advisor with 100 households, Blueleaf is usually up and running in about an hour once data is flowing. Additional advisors or advanced customization can take a little longer.

  • What kind of support can I expect?

    Blueleaf’s support team is unrivaled in its dedication to ensuring both you and your clients have a great experience. That means that no matter the issue, or the person raising it, our team will take care of it. Both you and your clients always have a direct line into Blueleaf support whenever you need it.

  • Does Blueleaf account aggregation actually work?

    Yes, of course! Blueleaf is both an aggregator and an aggregator of aggregators. That means we always pick the right tool for the job. Our industry leading aggregation makes sure client adoption is simple and easy.

  • My clients are older and most are retired. Will they use an online system?

    Yes. The average age of a client user on Blueleaf is 67. Most of our customers experience 70-90% client engagement every month. That will likely be true for your clients too. The pandemic really changed the way everyone interacts online. It may be time for you to improve your client experience too.

  • I have more questions!

    Happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us at